Elevator Maintenance and Repair

GreenEfficient® provides management of elevator inspections, maintenance and repair services for all types of vertical transportation equipment (VTE) at many different types of facilities. Our experience includes elevator and dumbwaiter inspection, maintenance and repair services for buildings up to 12 floors as well as single unit elevators in 4 story buildings. We provide all tools, supplies, equipment, parts and labor to ensure that you have a low-risk elevator maintenance experience. We will perform service work, preventive maintenance, repair and inspection of all types of elevators, including traction elevators and hydraulic elevators.

When we provide inspection services, we ensure that your VTE is in good working order, and we identify all defects and deficiencies that we identify during the inspection period. We can provide a dedicated report for each elevator, and we can provide summary and executive-level reports of high-level trends and operations history for each VTE asset that we manage.

GreenEfficient® can also provide on-call personnel that can respond within your required time frame to provide emergency maintenance, assist with communications and notifications, and respond to both routine and non-routine service requests. For instance, at a large multi-building hospital complex, we provide 2 hour response time for high-priority elevator maintenance and repair issues. We will customize a response time to meet your needs, and we will ensure that our expert staff are on-hand according to your requirements.

Our elevator inspection and maintenance experts will arrive at your location and conduct a thorough inspection and operational test of all VTE under contract. We will develop a Maintenance Control Program (MCP) and Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) that your facilities and safety leaders can use to schedule downtime, validate life safety measures, and keep management informed of the status of elevators. Our MCP will outline monthly, quarterly and annual inspection requirements. We will conduct our MCP and PMP activities with a firm focus on safety and availability.

We can also provide 5 year and 10 year load tests for all traction and roped hydraulic elevators. Upon completion of this testing, we will conduct trend analysis and develop a new load testing baseline that can be used for reporting and future analysis.

When you engage GreenEfficient® for VTE operations and maintenance work, you receive a single point of contact (SPOC) and a fully documented work plan and work completion report. We generally provide written status weekly, and a work completion follow-up report within 5 days of the completion of our maintenance or repair work. We maintain a data store for all VTE assets, safety requirements, operations guides, standards, support contracts and other related documentation and artifacts. Additionally, we maintain ongoing photo history of elevator wells, cables, control panels and other equipment.