Fire & Life Safety Systems

At GreenEfficient®, we are recognized experts in fire and life safety planning, inspection and service continuity. We provide inspection, testing and inventory of exit signs, emergency lighting and fire extinguishers. Our services include all labor, supervision, management, transportation, supplies and equipment needed to exceed your expectations and deliver a strong partner in your organization’s safety program. We maintain a dedicated and engaged team of inspectors that are qualified experts in their fields.

Fire Extinguishers

We provide management of fire extinguisher inspections for individual offices and industrial facilities as well as for large multi-facility complexes. Our record-keeping and prompt inspections and extinguisher replacements ensure that your fire safety program is supported by up-to-date equipment at all times. Services that we provide include:

  • Visual inspection of ABC, Co2, PKP, Class K and Halotron extinguishers and extinguisher systems
  • OSHA and NFPA compliant equipment inspection for expired or undercharged extinguishers, worn hoses, evidence of use, and pressure reading trends.
  • Validation of extinguisher location and clearance from furniture or other obstruction
  • Validation of tamper seals
  • Weight measurement to ensure that extinguishers are within weight limits
  • Validation that operating instructions are clearly visible and readable without repositioning the bottle

GreenEfficient® will provide qualified inspectors. We will remove old inspection tags and install new tags upon completion of periodic inspections.

When we encounter a fire extinguisher that requires additional inspection or maintenance, we remove the extinguisher from service and replace it with a ready spare to ensure continuous coverage that the extinguisher mount location.

Exit Signs

Our team performs physical inventory and operational testing of electrical and battery-operated exit signs for many types of facilities, including office, light industrial, hospital and retail operations. We provide exit sign inventory services, including bar coding and asset tracking. We can use our system or yours for asset tracking, and we provide regular asset condition and inventory reports that are customized to your needs. We use GreenEfficient® best practices and industry standards to ensure that we are in compliance with local, State and national regulations. Our service includes an ongoing log of maintenance and replacement activities, and we will alert your safety leadership if we find exit signs that require repeated replacement or that would benefit from a location change.