Consulting Service

Consulting Solutions

We provide a variety of facility, real estate, energy, fuel, facility, security and logistical consulting solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Consulting

Our 30+ years of experience in federal real estate maintenance, management and construction gives you qualified experience needed for a variety of public projects.

International Energy Consulting

Our fuel and energy experts are available to travel internationally to perform consulting and audits, maintenance consulting seminars, and training for your facility’s operators. A few of the consulting services we deal with include:

  • Refining
  • Fuel Import/Export Logistics
  • Energy Procurement
  • Power Generation
  • Offshore Applications.

Streamlining the Process for You

Our professionals are skilled in the laws and customs of a variety of countries, and are adept at finding solutions for managing the “red tape” that often comes with doing business internationally.

The process starts with a comprehensive energy and waste audit, which provides the data you need for continued LEED certification. We analyze structures for weatherization and efficiency improvement, help collect data on cleaning performance, monitor energy management and assess waste management.

We will then work with you to find recommendations for improving any deficient areas. Our LEED-APs also provide systematic LEED audits of existing structures to verify that waste diversion figures are correct, materials and resources are still in line with estimates, and ensure that correct purchasing protocols are in force. GreenEfficient®’s international LEED audits will ensure that your facility is always running efficiently, is compliant with international environmental laws, and maintains the coveted LEED certification.